Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So...good bye to 2008. The year my first "baby" began the terrible twos and my second baby joined us. The year I spent obsessing over finding a way to move out of this house. The year I really learned how to knit. The year we took our first "family" trip to Colorado. The year I finally started working on a degree I "think" I will actually use one day.

Hello to 2009. The year I will religiously stick to my budget. The year Hayden WILL be potty trained (I am determined!). The year Brody will turn 1, stand, walk, talk, and most likely run. The year I will make most (if not all) christmas (and birthday if I'm real ambitious) presents. The year I get to start making my own cloth diapers (Thank you hubby for the serger and snap press!) and therefore start my own online shop. The year I will try to strengthen my existing friendships and attempt to make new ones.

This year has so many possibilities! With just a little extra focus, hopefully great things are to come.

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