Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff to bring in from the van when I got home...including 2 tired boys. So I get everything inside and put away. Apparently I forgot to lock the doors after all of this.

This afternoon we are getting ready to make a run to the store, and someone has taken it upon themselves to decide that a few of the items in our van don't really belong to us. Haydens DVD player is gone (which had one of his current favorite movies still in it!!) and my cell phone charger is gone. This wonderful person was even nice enough to empty out the contents of our glove box onto the passenger seat too.

This is the SECOND time this has happened!! The first time was at our old house in our other car. All they took that time was my phone charger, but they rumaged through everything...including the diaper bag I keep stocked. Guess I am not worthy to have a charger in my car.

I was a wreck after it happened. Not so much over the loss of a portable DVD player, or the loss of my charger...those can be replaced easily. It was more the thought of someone heartless enough to steal from a child. The DVD player was obviously for a child. It was on the back of the drivers seat, directly in front of one of TWO car seats in the van. There were 3 Disney movies on the floorboards. There are cutesy blankets and toys all over back there. The thought of some horrible person actually coming that close to my little boys' things just nauseates me. Its also very disturbing to me that this happened in our own driveway. Sometime between the hours of midnight and 8AM. We have a motion sensor light that most definitely went off as the van sits right in the range for it. I don't like the feeling that at any moment while I am asleep here with my 2 boys that there could be some criminal just outside my windows. What if they looked in and saw some much more interesting stuff INSIDE the house? What will I do? Have I mentioned how much I want to move?

Ken says it could have happened anywhere and its not necessarily the neighborhood. I agree because it happened in our old neighborhood where I felt totally safe. Part of me fears it is actually someone we know. I mean, what are the chances that this would happen twice within 2 years? Is it really that common that people just cruise through neighborhoods checking every car until they find one unlocked? It seems like a very risky way to do things to me...not worth it for the occasional stack of CDs or car charger. So if it is someone we know...who could it be? I can't think of anyone we know that would do such a thing. Is it someone who is simply an acquaintance that has decided we are a good target for the occasional theft? See how much I overthink things. Ken wonders if I have an anxiety disorder...I am beginning to wonder myself.

Where I grew up, this wasn't an least not like this. You'd have the occasional hooligan do something stupid, but pretty much everyone knew who it was. I never locked my car door, and nothing was ever missing. I would get scared when I was alone at night, not because i feared being attacked or robbed by a person...but because I thought the storm might turn into a tornado, or that some crazy werewolf type thing would come running out of my garage (a bit of an overactive imagination, I know). I wonder if there is anyplace left anymore that can feel that safe?

And sweet little Hayden was trying to comfort me. He kept saying "mommy, don't cry". Which of course made me cry even harder. He didn't even notice or care that his "movie" was gone.

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  1. Oh my!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's so hard to think about growing up and how safe the world felt with stuff like that. We never even thought twice to lock the car door. It just wasn't an issue. Now we can't go anywhere (even our own homes) without making sure the cars are locked and the front door is too at night. Very sad.