Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1 full week in undies!!!

Today was day 7, and marks Haydens first full week in big boy underwear! I am so proud. He had 1 accident all day, seemingly on the way to the bathroom (can't say for sure), so we have not had a full day free of accidents yet, but I feel it is really close. We even went to visit my sister today (Hayden REALLY wanted to see his cousin Gabe) and he didn't have an accident on the way there or back (or while we were there!). I was nervous about the time in the car because I don't really think he can hold it for very long once he realizes he has to go, but he went just before we left both times and it was all good!

I won't bore everyone with daily updates from here on out...but I will update when he has his first accident free day/week/month.

In other news, our new toilet seat came! I know, silly thing to be excited over huh? Its a "family" toilet seat. Basically, it has the toddler adapter built right in so you don't have to take it out every time, just flip it up like you do the lid. Its pretty neat, and has decluttered our bathroom a bit. I'm all about the de-cluttering!

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