Monday, January 12, 2009

On the 5th day of potty training my toddler gave to me...

a big MIGRANE.

It wasn't terrible, but this potty training thing is just such an emotional rollercoaster. Every other day seems like a great day, or half the day will be great and then all of a sudden he has forgotten (or refuses to practice) everything he has learned.

No accidents today until around 2PM. Then, we have our first pair of wet underwear. No biggie...its gonna happen. He sits on the potty while I go for fresh undies and pants. For the next 20 minutes he won't really sit on the potty, but he doesn't have any interest in putting pants back on...he only wants to play in the sink. Finally, after he has gotten a ton of water all over the countertop, I tell him that its time to leave the bathroom. "I have to potty". Ok. So I tell him he can get up on the potty whenever he wants and use it. "no". So I start to pick him up to help him up onto it. Screaming fit. Definitely nap time. On goes the pull-up, and he goes down for a nap.

After he got up he once again did not want to take the pull up off. after about an hour he decides he wants to go on the potty...and does. Gets his praise and rewards, etc. He had 2 more accidents before bedtime and 2 successfull times on the potty. When I write this out, it really doesn't seem that bad. Sounds pretty successful. Ugh...I think I am just becoming emotionally drained with all of this. The happieness of the high points where he goes on the potty and we are all super excited and dancing around, coupled with the low times where he is just a terrible twos tantrum mess and screams about everything. Doesn't want to go on the potty, doesn't want to get off the potty, doesn't want underwear, doesn't want pull ups, doesn't want m&ms...just wants to say no and fuss because he's 2 and he can.

WE CAN DO THIS!! (right?)

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