Friday, January 9, 2009

Adventures in potty #2

Today was not nearly as good as yesterday. We started off badly...Hayden refused to get dressed this morning. He was kicking at me the whole time and it took forever just to get his underwear and pants on. Then he didn't want a shirt I had to put it on him as he was running away. Oh the joys of the terrible twos!

I was getting very discouraged...he kept wetting his pants, and not even caring. I wouldn't even know he did it until he went to sit on the potty and his pants were wet as he pulled them down! He didn't seem uncomfortable, and I began to lose hope. Even getting him to sit on the potty was difficult. He just plain didn't want to. I got desperate and moved the potty into the living room so he could watch Diego while he sat. He sat on it but didn't potty in it (even though he sat there for 20 minutes!). He got up and less than a minute later he was wet! GRR!!

It was 2:30 this afternoon before he finally went on the potty! After that, things were more like yesterday. He still had 3 accidents throughout the evening...but all three times I knew right when they happened because he stopped what he was doing and grabbed at his pants. This was still a great improvement because he realized that he was peeing...while he was doing it!! The very last time he sat on the potty tonight he even managed to stop peeing for a moment to re-adjust because he was missing the potty and hitting the floor, so he's learning how to control it. My excitement was renewed by bedtime.

Brody even joined in on the encouragement. After Hayden went in the potty, we would dance around in the kitchen (while I was getting his reward...yes I bribe my son with M&M's to use the potty). Brody got very excited and started bouncing around too. I told Hayden "Look, Brody is proud of you too!!". After that when he was dancing Hayden would say "Brody, you proud of me?". Ahhh...I hope they remain this close and cute as they grow up!

So there is progress...I just have to keep reminding myself (and him!) that even if the day seems to be a total failure, he CAN do this!!

So...Potty Training Tally (LOL):
Day 1:
Hit - 8 Miss - 3

Day 2:
Hit: 6 Miss - 6...but only 3 times after his first success of the day

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