Monday, February 9, 2009

Break time

Yesterday marked the day that we have been potty training non-stop for a month. Honestly, he did SO well in the first week that I was very hopeful...but its like we hit a wall after that first week. He's still pretty much in the same place he was at the end of that first I am giving it a break. Its driving me crazy and making me cranky, and I am sick of not being able to leave the house. So...back in pull ups for a couple of days, maybe a week or two. We'll see. I just needed a break, and I want to be able to enjoy my little boy. I think he may still be a little too young to really understand what he needs to do, and hopefully a little more time and a break will be just what we both need. Its frustrating, because I feel like I am giving up...but I can't stand the thought of doing this for months on end. I've heard they will train when they are ready, so heres to hoping that he will be ready in a couple of weeks when we try again. If not, I'll just keep trying every couple of weeks until we get it right. But no more potty boot camp...I can't take it and little boys need to go out and have fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lose it!

One of my new years resolutions is, by this summer, to get back down to the weight I was when I met Ken (yikes!). January slipped by without me noticing it, so its time to get crackin'! I've started a new blog to follow my journey (and to keep myself in check), here.