Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A foot of snow!!

We woke up to a foot of snow this morning! Hayden was very excited that he finally got to outside to build "Frost the Snowman" (his favorite christmas movie). We bundled up and went on out, only to find that the snow was not really snowman snow...too dry. Oh well, he had fun anyways. I taught him how to make a snow ball and he spent quite a while flinging handfuls of snow up in the air.
After naps we all went out to play again. Brody was not sure what to think of the cold, wet snow...but he didn't cry at least.

Hayden wanted to take Brody on the sled...Brody was none too happy about it, but I took a quick picture anyways.

Hayden was having so much fun he didn't want to come inside...even though his poor little hands were like ice when we took his gloves off! He really enjoyed the snow. Maybe we'll go back out again tomorrow!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have many has been one of them since high school. I started out on a 35mm Nikon SLR camera that my sister let me borrow for a high school photography class. Then I moved on to digital point and shoot, and now I have a DSLR (Nikon D50). I recently started playing around with it in manual mode, and also trying to do a bit with Photoshop. I am far from experienced, in fact today is my first attempt at editing a picture taken in manual mode. I don't have the info on my camera settings, because I was honestly just messing around and learning what all the different things do. The first picture is unedited, and the second is after I "played" with it. I am not sure what I think of the edited one, or if I really even did anything right...but I'm excited to be learning so you all get to be subjected to it :)

Dry Night!!

Ok, so I promised no more potty updates until Hayden has his first dry week. I lied. This morning, he woke up dry!! As in, he slept all night in his bed with a pull-up on, and at 8:30 this morning when he went potty they pull up was still dry! Woo Hoo for Hayden!!

We've had 3 days in a row of no accidents, but we had several accidents yesterday during the day. He's also sick with a I am blaming him not feeling well on those accidents :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 full day!!!

Yesterday was Hayden's first full day in underwear with absolutely no accidents!! Yay!! He's even going about half the time all on his own, with no encouragement from us. My cutie pie is growing up!

In other news...WE ARE GOING TO THE ELTON JOHN/BILLY JOEL CONCERT!!!!! Fun times!! Aren't we such dorks? We logged on to ticketmaster so we could "be in line" right at 10AM when they went on sale. We even scored good seats!!! I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1 full week in undies!!!

Today was day 7, and marks Haydens first full week in big boy underwear! I am so proud. He had 1 accident all day, seemingly on the way to the bathroom (can't say for sure), so we have not had a full day free of accidents yet, but I feel it is really close. We even went to visit my sister today (Hayden REALLY wanted to see his cousin Gabe) and he didn't have an accident on the way there or back (or while we were there!). I was nervous about the time in the car because I don't really think he can hold it for very long once he realizes he has to go, but he went just before we left both times and it was all good!

I won't bore everyone with daily updates from here on out...but I will update when he has his first accident free day/week/month.

In other news, our new toilet seat came! I know, silly thing to be excited over huh? Its a "family" toilet seat. Basically, it has the toddler adapter built right in so you don't have to take it out every time, just flip it up like you do the lid. Its pretty neat, and has decluttered our bathroom a bit. I'm all about the de-cluttering!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the saga continues...

Day 6. 1 Accident....all day!!! Its a good day in the Evans' household!! I must go to sleep...but I just had to post my excitement!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

On the 5th day of potty training my toddler gave to me...

a big MIGRANE.

It wasn't terrible, but this potty training thing is just such an emotional rollercoaster. Every other day seems like a great day, or half the day will be great and then all of a sudden he has forgotten (or refuses to practice) everything he has learned.

No accidents today until around 2PM. Then, we have our first pair of wet underwear. No biggie...its gonna happen. He sits on the potty while I go for fresh undies and pants. For the next 20 minutes he won't really sit on the potty, but he doesn't have any interest in putting pants back on...he only wants to play in the sink. Finally, after he has gotten a ton of water all over the countertop, I tell him that its time to leave the bathroom. "I have to potty". Ok. So I tell him he can get up on the potty whenever he wants and use it. "no". So I start to pick him up to help him up onto it. Screaming fit. Definitely nap time. On goes the pull-up, and he goes down for a nap.

After he got up he once again did not want to take the pull up off. after about an hour he decides he wants to go on the potty...and does. Gets his praise and rewards, etc. He had 2 more accidents before bedtime and 2 successfull times on the potty. When I write this out, it really doesn't seem that bad. Sounds pretty successful. Ugh...I think I am just becoming emotionally drained with all of this. The happieness of the high points where he goes on the potty and we are all super excited and dancing around, coupled with the low times where he is just a terrible twos tantrum mess and screams about everything. Doesn't want to go on the potty, doesn't want to get off the potty, doesn't want underwear, doesn't want pull ups, doesn't want m&ms...just wants to say no and fuss because he's 2 and he can.

WE CAN DO THIS!! (right?)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you give a toddler a flashlight...

he'll drop it in the toilet. Hayden has his very own flashlight, which he loves to "play" with Tinka with. He will shine it all over the floor and walls, and she will chase it. It's pretty cute, although sometimes annoying because Tinka becomes obsessive about such things. Anyways, he was playing, and then needed to go potty. I told him he could take the flashlight with him if he was careful not to get it in the toilet. He was good the whole time he was sitting there, until right before he got up. Then he looked at me, giggle, and dropped the thing in! Lil' Stinker!

Day 4 went ok. The first part of the day was half successful, with about 3 accidents and 2 trips to the potty. The middle was not succesful at all, and resulted in a pull-up as well as a much needed nap. The end of the day was much better. The pull-up was wet when he took it of, but he always made it to the potty after that (and by his own need...not our request!).

I seriously thought that we were going to end up giving up this afternoon. I don't want this to be a power struggle. I don't want to "make" him use the potty and wear underwear. I want him to be excited about it and WANT to do it. This afternoon, he definitely did not WANT to do any of it. Hence the accidents and eventually a nap (and consequently a pull-up). When he got up, he didn't want to take the pull-up off. I didn't fight him, I let him keep it on for 45 minutes or which time he told us he needed to go potty. He went, and we then put him in undies. He went in once after that all on his own...before I made it in there to see if he needed help he had his pants and undies off and was sitting on the potty! He told me "I gotta hurry!". So once again, by bedtime I had renewed excitement. His grandpa and his "Uncle Paul" came by this evening, and I think that had a bit to do with his excitement tonight. New people to show off his new skill to. Wonder who we can get to come over tomorrow night.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day #3...

was a VERY successful day! We were accident free until 5:30 this evening...then had 2 accidents in a row. One of them was my fault though...he was in the bathroom, but I was too busy rearranging the track on his train table to realize he was gone. He had an accident right beside the I should not really count that one. The other was right before bed. He was just too tired I think (we have cut out naps recently).

So...PTT Day #3:
Hit - 10!!!!! Miss - 2

He also got a new "Cars" car because he went in the potty 10 times in a row! Here he is with "Tex"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Adventures in potty #2

Today was not nearly as good as yesterday. We started off badly...Hayden refused to get dressed this morning. He was kicking at me the whole time and it took forever just to get his underwear and pants on. Then he didn't want a shirt I had to put it on him as he was running away. Oh the joys of the terrible twos!

I was getting very discouraged...he kept wetting his pants, and not even caring. I wouldn't even know he did it until he went to sit on the potty and his pants were wet as he pulled them down! He didn't seem uncomfortable, and I began to lose hope. Even getting him to sit on the potty was difficult. He just plain didn't want to. I got desperate and moved the potty into the living room so he could watch Diego while he sat. He sat on it but didn't potty in it (even though he sat there for 20 minutes!). He got up and less than a minute later he was wet! GRR!!

It was 2:30 this afternoon before he finally went on the potty! After that, things were more like yesterday. He still had 3 accidents throughout the evening...but all three times I knew right when they happened because he stopped what he was doing and grabbed at his pants. This was still a great improvement because he realized that he was peeing...while he was doing it!! The very last time he sat on the potty tonight he even managed to stop peeing for a moment to re-adjust because he was missing the potty and hitting the floor, so he's learning how to control it. My excitement was renewed by bedtime.

Brody even joined in on the encouragement. After Hayden went in the potty, we would dance around in the kitchen (while I was getting his reward...yes I bribe my son with M&M's to use the potty). Brody got very excited and started bouncing around too. I told Hayden "Look, Brody is proud of you too!!". After that when he was dancing Hayden would say "Brody, you proud of me?". Ahhh...I hope they remain this close and cute as they grow up!

So there is progress...I just have to keep reminding myself (and him!) that even if the day seems to be a total failure, he CAN do this!!

So...Potty Training Tally (LOL):
Day 1:
Hit - 8 Miss - 3

Day 2:
Hit: 6 Miss - 6...but only 3 times after his first success of the day

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Breathe...just breathe

I feel much better today. Still irked by the events of yesterday, but for the most part I am over it. I just have to remind myself to lock the van when I get, and for good measure I will hit the lock button once again before I go to bed...just to make sure.

Today has been very busy, but it a good way. Hayden is potty training!!! more diapers! He has been in underwear all day, and has gone in the potty 6 times already. There have been a couple accidents, but he's gone in the potty more than not so I'd say its a successful first day. I'm so proud of him. He gets so excited when he's done and has flushed. He keeps saying "and then mommy is SO proud of me!!". Its too cute, and he can totally tell how proud I really am of him. My plan is to continue in only underwear from here on out. I hope I can stick with it...but so far he's making it very easy for me to do so. I'd much rather wash a couple extra pair of pants and undies every day than change a smelly dirty toddler diaper :) I love my big boy!!

Brody has been keeping me busy too. He's an expert crawler now, so that means he wants to go everywhere and get into everything. I've babyproofed a bunch, but I still have such a long way to go. There are some projects around here that we HAVE to get finished that will help with that. He's pulling himself up on things too! Its pretty scary actually. Hayden didn't really crawl until around 9 months, and he started cruising around 10 months (Brody is almost 8 months) this is a bit early for me. I guess Brody didn't get the memo. He likes to keep mommy on her toes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff to bring in from the van when I got home...including 2 tired boys. So I get everything inside and put away. Apparently I forgot to lock the doors after all of this.

This afternoon we are getting ready to make a run to the store, and someone has taken it upon themselves to decide that a few of the items in our van don't really belong to us. Haydens DVD player is gone (which had one of his current favorite movies still in it!!) and my cell phone charger is gone. This wonderful person was even nice enough to empty out the contents of our glove box onto the passenger seat too.

This is the SECOND time this has happened!! The first time was at our old house in our other car. All they took that time was my phone charger, but they rumaged through everything...including the diaper bag I keep stocked. Guess I am not worthy to have a charger in my car.

I was a wreck after it happened. Not so much over the loss of a portable DVD player, or the loss of my charger...those can be replaced easily. It was more the thought of someone heartless enough to steal from a child. The DVD player was obviously for a child. It was on the back of the drivers seat, directly in front of one of TWO car seats in the van. There were 3 Disney movies on the floorboards. There are cutesy blankets and toys all over back there. The thought of some horrible person actually coming that close to my little boys' things just nauseates me. Its also very disturbing to me that this happened in our own driveway. Sometime between the hours of midnight and 8AM. We have a motion sensor light that most definitely went off as the van sits right in the range for it. I don't like the feeling that at any moment while I am asleep here with my 2 boys that there could be some criminal just outside my windows. What if they looked in and saw some much more interesting stuff INSIDE the house? What will I do? Have I mentioned how much I want to move?

Ken says it could have happened anywhere and its not necessarily the neighborhood. I agree because it happened in our old neighborhood where I felt totally safe. Part of me fears it is actually someone we know. I mean, what are the chances that this would happen twice within 2 years? Is it really that common that people just cruise through neighborhoods checking every car until they find one unlocked? It seems like a very risky way to do things to me...not worth it for the occasional stack of CDs or car charger. So if it is someone we know...who could it be? I can't think of anyone we know that would do such a thing. Is it someone who is simply an acquaintance that has decided we are a good target for the occasional theft? See how much I overthink things. Ken wonders if I have an anxiety disorder...I am beginning to wonder myself.

Where I grew up, this wasn't an least not like this. You'd have the occasional hooligan do something stupid, but pretty much everyone knew who it was. I never locked my car door, and nothing was ever missing. I would get scared when I was alone at night, not because i feared being attacked or robbed by a person...but because I thought the storm might turn into a tornado, or that some crazy werewolf type thing would come running out of my garage (a bit of an overactive imagination, I know). I wonder if there is anyplace left anymore that can feel that safe?

And sweet little Hayden was trying to comfort me. He kept saying "mommy, don't cry". Which of course made me cry even harder. He didn't even notice or care that his "movie" was gone.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So...good bye to 2008. The year my first "baby" began the terrible twos and my second baby joined us. The year I spent obsessing over finding a way to move out of this house. The year I really learned how to knit. The year we took our first "family" trip to Colorado. The year I finally started working on a degree I "think" I will actually use one day.

Hello to 2009. The year I will religiously stick to my budget. The year Hayden WILL be potty trained (I am determined!). The year Brody will turn 1, stand, walk, talk, and most likely run. The year I will make most (if not all) christmas (and birthday if I'm real ambitious) presents. The year I get to start making my own cloth diapers (Thank you hubby for the serger and snap press!) and therefore start my own online shop. The year I will try to strengthen my existing friendships and attempt to make new ones.

This year has so many possibilities! With just a little extra focus, hopefully great things are to come.