Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you give a toddler a flashlight...

he'll drop it in the toilet. Hayden has his very own flashlight, which he loves to "play" with Tinka with. He will shine it all over the floor and walls, and she will chase it. It's pretty cute, although sometimes annoying because Tinka becomes obsessive about such things. Anyways, he was playing, and then needed to go potty. I told him he could take the flashlight with him if he was careful not to get it in the toilet. He was good the whole time he was sitting there, until right before he got up. Then he looked at me, giggle, and dropped the thing in! Lil' Stinker!

Day 4 went ok. The first part of the day was half successful, with about 3 accidents and 2 trips to the potty. The middle was not succesful at all, and resulted in a pull-up as well as a much needed nap. The end of the day was much better. The pull-up was wet when he took it of, but he always made it to the potty after that (and by his own need...not our request!).

I seriously thought that we were going to end up giving up this afternoon. I don't want this to be a power struggle. I don't want to "make" him use the potty and wear underwear. I want him to be excited about it and WANT to do it. This afternoon, he definitely did not WANT to do any of it. Hence the accidents and eventually a nap (and consequently a pull-up). When he got up, he didn't want to take the pull-up off. I didn't fight him, I let him keep it on for 45 minutes or which time he told us he needed to go potty. He went, and we then put him in undies. He went in once after that all on his own...before I made it in there to see if he needed help he had his pants and undies off and was sitting on the potty! He told me "I gotta hurry!". So once again, by bedtime I had renewed excitement. His grandpa and his "Uncle Paul" came by this evening, and I think that had a bit to do with his excitement tonight. New people to show off his new skill to. Wonder who we can get to come over tomorrow night.....

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